Out Now Business Class is more than just a financial platform. It’s a bridge connecting the LGBTQ+ community with the broader financial world, offering a space where ideas flourish, partnerships are forged, and financial dreams are realized.

Our Key Services Include:

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded financial enthusiasts, seasoned investors, and industry experts. Share insights, discuss trends, and build lasting professional relationships.
  • Financial Workshops and Seminars: Stay updated with the latest in finance through our curated events. From investment strategies to financial planning, our workshops cover a wide range of topics tailored for the LGBTQ+ community.
  •  Collaborative Investment Platforms: Explore investment opportunities in a safe and inclusive environment. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned investor, our platform caters to all.
  •  Consultancy and Advisory Services: Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned financial advisors. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or need guidance on financial planning, we’ve got you covered.
  • Resource and Knowledge Hub: Access a wealth of resources, from articles and research papers to webinars and podcasts, all aimed at enhancing your financial knowledge. 

We also host different events from time to time. Our events are meticulously curated, ensuring that they resonate with the aspirations and interests of the LGBTQ+ community within the financial realm.

  1. Exclusive Networking Events:

    Our networking events are designed to foster genuine connections. Attendees get the chance to interact with a diverse group of professionals, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned investors. These events are more than just meet-and-greets; they’re a platform where collaborations are initiated, partnerships are formed, and innovative ideas are born. Key features of these events include:

      • Establish valuable industry contacts.
      • Discover potential business partnerships or investment opportunities.
      • Gain insights from diverse perspectives within the community.

  2. Financial Workshops and Masterclasses:

    Led by industry experts, our workshops delve deep into the nuances of finance. From understanding global economic trends to decoding the intricacies of portfolio management, these sessions are comprehensive and enlightening. Here are main highlights of these events:

      • Enhance your financial acumen.
      • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.
      • Engage in interactive Q&A sessions with experts.

  3. Investment Roundtables:

    These events focus on collaborative investment discussions. Participants can pitch ideas, discuss potential ventures, and explore investment strategies in a supportive and inclusive environment. Here’s what you get from attending these roundtables:

      • Get feedback on investment ideas from seasoned professionals.
      • Understand the investment landscape from different viewpoints.
      • Discover new investment avenues tailored for the LGBTQ+ community.

  4. Financial Advisory Clinics:

    For those seeking personalized financial guidance, our advisory clinics are the perfect solution. Attendees can book one-on-one sessions with financial consultants to discuss their financial goals and challenges. Be a part of these programs to enjoy great rewards like:

      • Receive tailored financial advice.
      • Discuss and resolve specific financial challenges.
      • Chart out a clear financial roadmap for the future.

  5. Knowledge Festivals:

    These are multi-day events featuring a series of talks, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. They cover a broad spectrum of financial topics, ensuring there’s something for everyone, from novices to experts. Join these festivals to:

      • Dive deep into multiple financial domains in a short span.
      • Engage with multiple experts and thought leaders.
      • Network with a larger group of like-minded professionals.

At Out Now Business Class, we’re committed to providing the LGBTQ+ community with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive in the financial world. Whether you’re looking to connect, learn, invest, or grow, our platform is designed to cater to your unique needs. Join us and be part of a financial revolution that champions diversity and inclusion.