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We all live in a world that is changing rapidly. New markets. New information. New competitive threats.

One of the largest new opportunities to have arisen in recent years is the emergence of a large and viable market of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender consumers.

Accounting for at least 6% of the global tourism market, there has been a need for improved access and understanding of this valuable group of consumers right around the world.

The problem is that while awareness and interest in this market has increased - the available knowledge and resource base has not improved to keep pace with the increased need for business to understand how to better connect with their LGBT customers. Until now.

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    A full range of educational videos, seminars, case studies, conference presentations and research reports.

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    Search for, and network with, other businesses and organizations to fulfill your LGBT market requirements.

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    Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in LGBT marketing with our blog, newsletter and event listing.

Welcome to Out Now Business Class

We think that business deserves a better way of understanding LGBT people and making connections that allow businesses to network with each other, across markets and with LGBT customers - wherever they may live.

Out Now is the global pioneer of LGBT market development and we are pleased to welcome business to the new B2B LGBT paradigm - Out Now Business Class.

Do Better

To get things right you need to understand how the consumer sees their life - and understand how your product fits.

You need to connect with other businesses and suppliers that can help you join the dots to get your product in front of, and into the hands of, LGBT people.

To best understand how to build your market share you need to stay up-to-date and on trend.

Well now you can.

Do three things - and do them well.

Out Now Business Class is the 21st century way to build your presence and performance in the potentially valuable LGBT consumer markets of the world.

This industry-leading system allows you to place your business at the heart of things - no matter how large or small your organization is or where you are located.

Educate - Out Now is the global leader in LGBT market research, education and training. For two decades leading brands such as IBM, Toyota, Hilton Hotels and many of the world's largest tourism authorities have relied upon Out Now's insights. By becoming a member of Out Now Business Class you will enjoy access to the latest LGBT market research from major markets around the world. You will be able to resource your team with the latest educational videos, conference papers and webinars. Keeping better informed is easy and effective with Out Now Business Class. We make sure to focus on the practical - so your business achieves maximized improvements as a result.

Network - Few businesses can do it all on their own. We all need to identify and connect with smart partners who can help take our products to market in the best possible ways. With Out Now Business Class we do not accept the membership applications of all who apply. We are building a strategic membership-based ecosystem so that members can use our proprietary search and connect technologies online to reach other members to help them grow their business in the LGBT market.

Update - Out Now is the world's leading LGBT marketing organization. We track trends and help our clients to set them. Being on trend means being kept up-to-date and all Out Now Business Class members have access to the latest key LGBT marketing developments from right around the world.

Best of all this is all included for every member.

Getting started

All it takes is around three minutes to fill in the online application form. Out Now then checks your application and - if successful - you will receive your login credentials and instructions by return email.

You get access to the world's leading LGBT B2B network for no charge. ONBC does not think the industry should be expected to pay annual membership fees to educate, network and connect to do business with other travel association members. So we have removed the cost for annual membership in ONBC. We have built the world’s best travel association network for LGBT tourism development and we are delighted to open our global ONBC system for the industry to join and unlock the best ways to increase sales in LGBT travel.

There is no better way for businesses to connect, to reach global LGBT consumer markets, than with Out Now Business Class.

Welcome to Better LGBT.